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Custom Applications

TCS' transportation software can be even more versatile when used in a unique custom application.

TCS doesn't attempt to sell you a "canned" off-the-shelf system.  A big part of what TCS does is custom application work. We've successfully developed applications which integrate TCS' transportation software with third-party imaging systems, one-way and two-way paging systems, and third-party routing systems.  We've even built an interface between our Rating And Pricing module and the popular Czar-Lite Tariff.

Web based Order Entry and Online Shipment Status capabilities have become very popular.  For some companies, especially those in the courier industry, these capabilities have almost become a necessity.  To address this need TCS has developed a cost effective means of delivering these capabilites to small to mid-size companies.  In our Courier Dispatch system the dispatcher is prompted when an E-Order arrives.  The order is accepted or rejected and a message is immediately and automatically sent to the person placing the order.  The entire process is extremely efficient.  Web-based shipment status inquiries are made available to designated customers for all orders whether entered via the web or by telephone.  This saves customer service staff from having to answer calls for status updates and proof of delivery information.

Both smaller and larger companies can be confident that the investment they make into their TCS system today will serve their company's needs well into the future.